The Plan: Project Vanlife

Mummy, Ava and Roly Poly the VW Campervan

The plan is to embrace our lack of ties, enjoy each other’s company and think about what our future might look like by travelling Europe by campervan in 2020. I’m hoping to buy a standard white van, and renovate it into a luxury camper, suitable for two little snails to adventure across the continent. I’ll be blogging about our experiences on here, and writing an article for The Lonely Planet!

The first destination will be my sister’s wedding in Girona, Spain, at the beginning of June. We’ll set off mid-May, travelling down through France and across the border, then holiday with family for a week or so after the wedding.

After that, who knows?! We have friends in Italy and the Netherlands whom we plan to visit, but other than that I’m hoping to leave our itinerary wide open and see where the wind takes us.

Am I mad?! Let me know what you think and if you have any tips!